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How to Ensure a Smooth Audit – Perth Professional Auditor Coach Explains

Part 3 – Interpersonal skills

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In our previous blog we spoke about a number of tips auditors should keep in mind when planning and preparing for an audit.

While planning is certainly crucial to support a positive audit outcome, so are the actions taken by auditors during the project.

In-fact, it is fair to say that interpersonal skills can have a major impact on the end result. So, today we are looking at a number of tips to help understand certain actions that auditors should undertake during an audit.

What are interpersonal skills?

When it comes to auditing, interpersonal skills include the way we present ourselves, how we interact with the business we are auditing and also with our own team.  It also includes our body language which plays a big part is a business relationship.

With body language, there are a number of studies that focus on the importance of understanding the difference between the words we are saying and the body language we are presenting. In-fact it is known that people tend to interpret body language before the spoken language.

Using the wrong body language can cause confusion. If one does not understand their body language there is a risk of causing offence and could escalate into a confrontation, something all parties would want to avoid.

Interpersonal skill tips for auditors

Firstly, the terminology. It is crucial as an auditor to be using the exact same terminology as the auditee. This means that some homework needs to be done prior to starting the audit. This would include reading any relevant processes and documents related to the audit.

Dress code

Another valuable tip auditors would want to keep in mind is the dress code. You would want to dress for the area you will be going out to audit.

Last but not least, summarise your findings. If an auditor finds something that works really well, inform the business. If you think there’s an issue or challenge with the current audit, keep the communication open. This gives the auditee the opportunity to clarify, find the right evidents and support the process.

For any questions regarding audits, how to prepare and perform one, reach out to Christine at Potential Unlocked.

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