Unlock your Business Potential

Managing Director & Founder of Potential Unlocked

Work with Christine, Managing Director of Potential Unlocked, to better understand how Australian and international standards and other models can be applied for increased business success, and how staff teams can work more effectively together.

Due to her extensive knowledge and experience, Christine is trusted by her clients for her patience, understanding and her ability to interpret compliance requirements in a straightforward, uncomplicated way. Watching her clients grow in confidence, and seeing the benefits they gain, is a real passion of hers.

Before running her own business, Christine held various roles while working in T.A.F.E., parliament, emergency services, the public sector and the private sector. While running her business, Christine has completed a wide variety of projects for her clients in designing quality and business management systems, training, auditing and team building.

Christine’s background in hospitality, public service, training and consulting gives her an appreciation of the importance of being accountable, building mutual trust by being open, honest and reliable, and developing relationships by understanding client needs. She consults, trains and audits on all things related to the international quality standard, DiSC tools and provides guidance to organisational staff on building better teams.

Her Board membership and managerial experience enables her to move easily between strategic and operational thinking, which she passes onto staff when mentoring them in their understanding of the business systems being implemented and their role within the organisation.

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