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Whether you run a small or large organisation, all senior management should be aware of their governance and compliance obligations. This requires an understanding of the responsibilities of the business, as well as strategies to deliver on promises to clients, customers, regulatory bodies and shareholders. This knowledge is crucial in deciding on and complying with all conformance requirements to the agreed standard of performance.

If your organisation has decided to be certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, you should be aware that a greater involvement by senior management is needed in the development and understanding of its quality management system. For some, this is quite a daunting task.

Some common questions asked by senior management:

  • Do I have to know the whole standard?
  • How much involvement is expected from senior management?
  • What types of risk do we have to talk about?
  • Do we have to do a formal risk assessment across the organisiation?
  • How long will it take to get the ISO in place?
  • Do all of my staff have to be involved?
  • Do all of my staff need to be trained in ISO 9001?

Potential Unlocked has many years' experience in briefing senior management on their roles and responsibilities by clarifying the language used in the standard, providing examples to demonstrate the 'meaning' of ISO 9001 requirements and of course answering questions and responding to concerns.

Let us help you feel more comfortable next time you are interviewed by your certification auditor by booking a 2-hour briefing. Get in Touch here.

"I have found Christine to be professional, ethical, easy to work with and knowledgeable in all areas to do with quality systems, audits and continuous improvement."

David Taaffe, Managing Director

"Consultations and services were professionally delivered and always practical. Her diligence and attention to detail simplified the entire process and we would have no hesitation in recommending Christine's services."

Justin Mirto, Managing Director
Dual Valves

"Potential Unlocked has been working with Cays Engineering for a number of years conducting audits of our Integrated Management System focusing on ISO9001. We have always found Christine to be organised and extremely efficient in conducting our internal audits. She has built a good rapport with our team at Cays by speaking at a level auditees can relate to in a positive way. Her helpful advice has assisted us in reaching a higher level for Cays."

CAYS Engineering