Unlock your Business Potential

Staff Mentoring

Mentoring is a critical component of Potential Unlocked's approach in working with clients. Christine has many years of experience in mentoring staff, and it is a key part of the work she does on a daily basis. Her focus is on the individual, but also how they can effectively work cohesively within the organisation.

So what is mentoring, and what value does it have in the workplace?


  • One-on-one relationship
  • Role modelling
  • Transfer of knowledge and experience
  • Sharing wisdom, techniques, skills
  • Can be a short or long term relationship

Value of Mentoring Others

  • A way for people to develop new skills
  • Improve personal performance
  • A way for people to understand new concepts, processes, systems
  • How to deal with others and challenges
  • How to support and encourage others
  • How to give and receive honest & constructive feedback

Christine can help your management and staff increase performance and confidence, through the development of a custom mentoring program, that suits your needs. Please get in touch to discuss.


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