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Team building – why it matters

When it comes to a thriving business, engaging in team-building activity is an integral piece of the puzzle. If not fully understood or the time is not taken by management to build an effective team, the result could be confusion, ineffectiveness, conflict and even resentment and losing key staff.

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The benefits of taking time to strengthen your team include:

  • Being better able to work towards a common goal or set of objectives
  • A multi-skilled team that gets the work done faster and to the agreed standard
  • Stimulation of ideas and creativity
  • Better communication and a sense of ownership through consultation and group-think
  • Increased motivation and pride: People want to join the team that is ‘performing’

If you feel your team is not reaching their potential, it may be helpful to consider the following points on what stops a team from achieving its goals and objectives:

  • Not having a common language
  • Not having clear roles and responsibilities
  • No clear code of conduct
  • Ad hoc or no support from management
  • Individuals don’t feel safe in raising issues / ideas
  • Underdeveloped emotional intelligence – individuals are not aware of their own emotions and self-control and how their behaviour can affect others in their team
  • Being unaware of how an individual prefers to conduct themselves in the workplace and their preferred communication style may be a barrier to better understanding between team members

In my next article, I’ll outline some of the models that can be used for implementing a team building program.

Christine Brown is founder and managing director of Potential Unlocked, a market leader in the design of management systems that meet compliance and business requirements. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (double major in Political Science and Public Sector Management); RABQSA Lead Auditor, DiSC 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team accreditation; Everything DiSC accreditation, TAE 40110 Cert IV Training & Assessment & TAELLN 411.

Due to her extensive knowledge and experience, Christine is trusted by her clients for her patience, understanding and her ability to interpret compliance requirements in a straightforward, uncomplicated way. She regularly facilitates in-house and public workshops, sharing her knowledge of designing simple processes and systems, communicating effectively as an auditor, building and leading teams, and risk management.

Christine’s clients range from small business and start-ups to large organisations and government departments. Covering a broad range of industries, her clients include Boral, BAE Aerospace, Geobrugg, Tenix, West Australian Police, and the Victorian Ambulance Service.

Christine’s new initiative, The Business Performance Program, assists businesses with all major areas of business that are essential for success

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