Unlock your Business Potential

Team Building

For an organisation to be competitive it doesn’t only have to have solid systems and risk management in place but also teams that understand each other and work well together to deliver on the objectives set by the organisation.

Potential Unlocked, accredited to deliver training in DiSC profiles and Integro’s The FIVE BEHAVIOURS COHESIVE TEAM, provides training sessions for staff that will build the confidence of the team and the whole organisation.

Potential Unlocked will:

• Provide one-on-one feedback to staff on their DiSC profile results.

• In an interactive workshop environment work with teams so they can better understand what behaviours can hold back a team from becoming a ‘cohesive’ and well performing team.

• By looking at Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results, we see how each individual DiSC style can react in different situations.