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Two Common Questions about the Development & Implementation of a Quality Management System

Image credit: Sergey Zolkin

Q. Does it take very long to implement a quality management system?

A. It depends on the following:

  • The size of your organisation;
  • The complexity of your business processes and the products and services you offer;
  • How much you believe needs to be documented;
  • Management commitment; and
  • Resources (financial, human, technology)

Some small businesses have received ISO 9001 certification after only 6 weeks starting from scratch with a full-time dedicated staff member and a quality consultant as a mentor. To get everything developed, implemented and understood, it can take anything from 3 - 12 months and is really up to management and staff commitment.

Q. Is it a good idea to have a dedicated person planning and implementing a quality management system?

A. Definitely.

Staff know the processes in the business really well, what works and what doesn't. However, a quality consultant can give you guidance and support on the intent of ISO 9001 and assist where necessary face-to-face, on the phone or online.

Christine Brown is founder and managing director of Potential Unlocked, a market leader in the design of management systems that meet compliance and business requirements. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (double major in Political Science and Public Sector Management); RABQSA Lead Auditor, DiSC 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team accreditation; Everything DiSC accreditation, TAE 40110 Cert IV Training & Assessment & TAELLN 411.

Due to her extensive knowledge and experience, Christine is trusted by her clients for her patience, understanding and her ability to interpret compliance requirements in a straightforward, uncomplicated way. She regularly facilitates in-house and public workshops, sharing her knowledge of designing simple processes and systems, communicating effectively as an auditor, building and leading teams, and risk management.

Christine’s clients range from small business and start-ups to large organisations and government departments. Covering a broad range of industries, her clients include Boral, BAE Aerospace, Geobrugg, Tenix, West Australian Police, and the Victorian Ambulance Service.

Christine’s new initiative, The Business Performance Program, assists businesses with all major areas of business that are essential for success

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